About Us

Intention Ink was founded to empower individuals to be their best self! Everyone wants to be happy, healthy, add value, and have an impact.  But let’s face it…….life is busy and unpredictable.  We’re working parents, single moms and dads, students, athletes, artists….the list goes on and on.  Sometimes we lose track of ourselves, values and intentions. Intention Ink’s mindset skill temporary tattoos act as a cue to get you back to your desired journey.

Our mindset is a powerful thing.  It reflects our attitude, mood, and the way we lead our lives.  When we’re in the right mindset our ability to accomplish our goals and be happy is endless. 

Each pack is designed to accomplish a goal, such as “Find Joy”, and the tattoos within the package signify one word skills to practice that help your mindset and empower the goal.  We believe that practicing these skills enable you to be your best……and who doesn’t want that!

To help you out, we’ve put a bit of structure in place.  We suggest using the packs over a 21 day period, since many believe it takes 21 days to create a habit. However, feel free to create your own unique way of using them.  All our tattoos are non-toxic, FDA compliant, made in America and have been known to last upwards of a week, and sometimes longer.